Govinda Temple
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Govinda Temple Fulfilling
the religions and spiritual,
social and cultural needs
of Hindu Community of
North America
Founded in 1988 on the doctrine of Love, Dedication, Devotion and Servitudee
VRAJ is place of pilgrimage for an average of
100,000 Hindus a year.

Nootan Nandalaya (Temple), an abode for God ShivNathji( a manifestation for God Krishna), is built on 300 acres of bountiful land of VRAJ surrounded by the grandeur of the hills and accentuated with the tranquility of wooded valleys and the serenity of lush green meadows. This spellbinding natural ambience augments the spellbinding beauty of the Haveli (Temple) that is situated on the bank of Chandra Sarovar (lake), in the rich tradition of royal rajasthani architectural mystique, Haveli is 60 feet tall, three stories high and has over 50000 sq. feet of built-up area.